Human Resources

We are working hard to mould a human-oriented organization culture on the globe, a culture that can attract and retain brilliant people and help them to fulfill their potentials. We are investing more resources on the following aspects so as to improve everything that our customers and workers believe is important:

Inclusiveness: Recruiting the best workers is only the begging. Inclusiveness means that the voice of all workers is heard and taken seriously. It not only attracts and retains the best workers, but also helps to get better solutions from customers.

Development: The measures that we develop our workers include providing them the learning opportunity and work experience that they need to support their business and to provide high quality service to customers, as well as providing other plans that help the workers to meet their needs at present and in the future.

Participation: We hope that all our workers can find enthusiasm in their work and among their co-workers, and we are happy that they are able to achieve their professional and personal ambitions flexibly. We allow the workers to participate in all aspects of the company, we select appropriate personnel to lead the main reforms, we cherish every worker, and we make sure to reward workers with good performance.