Corporate Culture

Core Value: Quality and Efficiency, Innovation and Transcending, Honesty and All-win
At WISCO Europe, we are committed to the blending and cohesion of "family culture". Such value explains what kind of person we are, and is also the basic conviction that the global organizations of WISCO Europe follow. It instructs our actions and behaviors, and affects the manners that we work with others and the manners that we serve our customers and people in various social circles.

Focus on customer: 
The sole reason for the existence of WISCO Europe is to serve customers. The needs of customers are the motive power for the development of WISCO Europe. We insist to focus on customers and respond to the needs of customers quickly, and constantly create long-term value for customers so as to serve our customers. Providing effective service to customers is the direction of our work and the measurement of valuation. To help customer succeed is success on our own terms.

One heart and one mind: 
Our customers and other persons from various social circles are making choices and decisions based on their impressions on us. Our value is to make any of our organizations on the globe to assist the places they cover to help us make decisions with the same principle, and the precondition of such decision is that we have one heart and one mind and do our best. Therefore, we manifest our value by various forms of prizes. This is an important way in which we share our value.

Open and Transparent: 
Democratic management is an important way to motivate employees. We help them to execute their right to know, right to participate, right to express and right to supervise, so as to eliminate their confusion on thoughts and policies, remove the potential factors that may affect the harmony and stability of the company, and to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of employees. We inform our employees timely of the major decisions and works of the company and do utmost be open, transparent, impartial and fair, so as to win the recognition, understanding, trust and support of all the employees.

The human resources policies of employees are all striver-oriented. We hope that the employees can create value for customers with skillful and professional service, and in which course, improve their efforts on what they do, including even a minor activity or a small order, otherwise however hard work may be in vain. The basic principles that a striver of employees must uphold are to be diligent, aggressive, and innovative, to be ready for loneliness and chagrin, to give priority to responsibilities, and to spare no efforts. employees insists the striver-oriented strategy and gives strivers reasonable rewards.